Subconscious Worlds

Relax your mind into a cosmic journey of coloring creations

  • 40 Cosmic Pages

    Subconscious Worlds features 40 galactic coloring pages that will relax your mind into a blissful cosmic journey. Search out the mystery of the cosmos through these highly detailed, hand-drawn subconscious illustrations.

  • Artistic Meditation

    Creatively turn off your brain and awaken into the present moment!

Color Me!

What’s in there anyway?

Here, lets fill you in on how sweet this coloring book is…


40 hand-drawn designs

Explore 40 galactic hand-drawn designs & find yourself blissfully absorbed in a variety of fantastical worlds.


Single Sided

images are printed on one side only because that’s the best.



Variety of designs varying from complex & intricate to simple & soothing.

What are people saying?

These are some cool things peeps said about my first coloring book A Ridiculous Abstract Adult Coloring Book

“This was the perfect gift for the many people in my life that go through adult coloring books like water! This book is truly ridiculous and offers those fully engaged in the coloring craze to have a fresh experience.”Robert
“This book is a great tool for teaching mindfulness skills in therapy. I use it with my group therapy patients, and they find it to be very relaxing. There are a lot of different pictures of varying intensity, which I really appreciate, because some patients enjoy the more intricate pictures whereas others feel overwhelmed by those and prefer the simpler ones. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book!”Becca, student of Clinical Health Psychology at University of Pittspurgh
“Each of the sketches are wonderfully designed. Some are intricate while others are free-flowing – the perfect variety! There seems to be some inspiration from sci-fi and fantasy worlds, which made it especially fun for this nerd to sit down and color it. Truly inspires imagination while relaxing and de-stressing. This coloring book creates an adventure through every page and line.”Teddy
“I’m really loving this coloring book so far! I use coloring as a form of stress relief, and this one has been great for that so far! I’m a fan of abstract art, and I pay a lot of attention to detail, so this is pretty perfect. The book is well made, and it has a color testing page in the front, which is so useful if you’re not sure what’s going to look best next to a color you already used. While all of the art is similar in style, no two pages are alike, so there’s much less chance for me to get bored. In terms of shipping, it came right on time and in good packaging. Overall, a great purchase!”Meghan


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