Abstract Coloring with CreateSpace

Abstract Coloring with CreateSpace

There is a project brewing up in my subconscious world that I would like to tell you about.

Yes! You guessed it, I am going to publish an Abstract Coloring Book featuring some ridiculously mysterious illustrations of mine. I recently discovered the glory that is CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a platform from amazon that allows you to independently publish a print-on-demand physical book.

My plan is to release my very own adult coloring book in time for Christmas!

I have been creating many new illustrations specifically designed for coloring, but I also doctored up a few of my existing drawings so they could join in the fun. Here are a few of those drawings. Think I could enlist you to try them them out? If you do please let me know how they go!

Click here to download a couple free printable abstract coloring pages.

Thanks for reading these pixels & for Breathing Air.

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